Fun at the Fundraiser!

The Blu Room Jazz Trio did an awesome job! 

See them every Wednesday at The Blu Room, 82 Commerce St. Montgomery, AL.

A Jazz Serenade

Mr. Henry Pugh loves serenading the women! He's so good at it!

Auntie Jeanette jamming to the jazz!!

Watch Auntie Jeanette show Larry how it's done!


Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Help us raise funds by donating gently worn, OR new shoes. Our funds are based on weight of shoes collected. Our goal is at least 3,000 shoes by December. We will earn 40 cents/pound for our efforts!!This will go a long way with helping our vulnerable seniors & disabled clients

Collected shoes are used to support micro-enterprise vendors in developing countries. 

 Businesses supporting our Shoe Drive:

(Shoes may be brought to these locations)

PT PhysioResults - 6971 Eastchase Loop, 

Adams Family Practice 2100 Chestnut St, 

Dr. William Sargeant & John Porter, 1758 Park Place

Comfort Care Hospice  315 St. Lukes Drive

Baptist Hospice, Interstate Park Drive

ShaeBreezy's Beauty Bar 547 N. Eastern Blvd

King Hill Baptist Church 1930 Stokes St.

Old Elam MBC 2526 Cong. W.L. Dickinson Dr.

Your Doctor's Office, 8630 Vaughn Rd

Prattmont Baptist Church,  814 Smith Ave., Prattville, AL

We will pick up from home or workplace. Call us: 334-425-1340

Amazing Grace Health Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charity. 

All donations/services/bequests are tax deductible. 

Receipts are available and will be offered.

Learn More

We will pick up shoes from your home/office (please have at least 10 pair). 

Call us for pick-ups. 

334-235-7034  - Larry Pettiway

334-425-1340 - Cheryl Pettiway

334-221-8857 - Jacqueline Smith

Come to our 2nd Annual Fundraiser and bring shoes to donate, earn Amazing Grace tickets, which you can put  in a raffle for your choice of prizes. The more shoes you bring, the more AG tickets you earn.

AGHM's 1st Annual Fundraiser - Sept. 2018

AGHM Volunteers


Grillmaster Larry Pettiway


The Blue Room Trio, with guest vocalist - Donna Spears


Bike ride led by Buffalo Soldiers MC - Montgomery


Carole Avery informing the public


AGHM & BSMC - Teamwork!