Home Safety Evaluation


A Volunteer will perform a Home Safety Evaluation and make recommendations on how to make the home safer. 

We use a Home Safety Checklist obtained from "Home Instead Senior Care®". 


A sample of what is included:

  • Checking for a working smoke detector on every floor.
  • Usage of scatter rugs. 
  • Checking the location of electrical or telephone cords in  traffic areas.
  • The presence and sturdiness of rails for all stairs inside and outside the house.
  • The level of inside lighting - the wattage of light bulbs 
  • Stairwell lighting
  • Presence of bath aids: rails in the bath/shower and on the sides of the toilet.
  • Is the tub  skid-proof? Does the bath mat has a non-slip bottom.
  • Telephone access- cord vs cordless; volume level


The Home Safety Evaluation is provided solely for the purpose 

of raising the recipient’s awareness of any potential home 

safety issues.  It is not intended to, nor can it, address every potential home safety issue present in the recipient’s home. 

 Recipients of this home safety Evaluation are encouraged 

to consult with a qualified home inspector or home repair contractor for any recommended and necessary home 

repairs and safety updates.

Amazing Grace Health Ministries, Inc. 

expressly disclaim any liability with respect to the 

findings or suggestions of any home safety check, 

the consequences of any actions taken, or not taken, 

on the basis of the information provided or 

omitted from any home safety check’s 

findings or suggestions.

AGHM Home Safety Improvement Services

All work is for Home Safety Improvement. There will be no cosmetic work allowed.

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