AGHM Financial Assistance Program

Medication Co-Pay


Are you splitting pills or skipping 

doses  "to make them last longer"? 

Did you not get that new medicine because your out-of-pocket cost is more than you can afford "right now"? 

We can also help with the cost of some over-the-counter medications. 

Call us to find out how we can help you.

All payments are made

payable directly to the Pharmacy

Physician CoPay


Need to see a specialist? 

Don't have enough to meet that copay?

To avoid missing that appointment, 

please give us a call. 

All payments are made

payable directly to the Provider

How does it work?


You will complete a very brief application. 

Notification of decision is done, 

usually, within 24 hours.

Pre-payment for Physician/Specialist's

visits can be done. 

To help us reach as many 

people as possible, 

once payments have been made, 

recipient is required to wait 

a minimum of 90 days 

before requesting additional funds. 

All approvals are based 

on available funds.

Call us @ 334-425-1340 for details.

We are here to help. 

We have a heart for 

those who need help most. 


We are all under amazing Grace!

Additional Services



There may be an occasion where 

you may need some help 

with basic food items. 

AGHM can help with 

obtaining those items. 

We can also assist by identifying 

community resources, helping to complete applications; calling those dreaded 1-800 numbers

Call us at:


for more information

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)


Do you need a bath transfer board???

a Blood Pressure cuff???

a scale or shower grab bars?

Is the cost of incontinence 

supplies too high?

Did you know that these items are NOT typically covered by insurance OR there is a 20% copay? 

If you have a need for any of these items, please call AGHM:


We can help!

Unknown Needs


Got a need that isn't listed here?

We have no specific limit to what we will help with. 

Our limits are set by available funds 

and unknown needs. 

Barriers yet to be removed!

Our goal is to do whatever we can so there will be: 

S.I.N.... NO MORE!

Seniors In Need... No More!

Help us reach that goal... call us:


All donations to AHGM 

are deductible per IRC Code, 

Section 170.

Don't Know Our Number Yet?

Learn About "Needy Meds" Program

One of our AGHM Case Managers 

can assist you with completing 

a "Needy Meds" application.

Contact us at 334-590-2812 or 334-425-1340