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1. Charity expenditures will be 75% 

of the AGHM annual budget, and fundraising profits. 

2. Administrative expenditures will be 25% of the AGHM annual budget and fundraising profits.

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Our Administrative Volunteers


Board Of Directors

Cheryl Pettiway RN, CCM 


Jacqueline Smith - Vice Chairperson

Diane Brunson RN, CCM - Secretary

Larry Pettiway, Sr.- Member

Camille Brown - Member

Corey Bullock - Member

Tina Bullock - Member

Leadership Team

            Cheryl Pettiway RN, CCM             

Exe. Director

TAP Coordinator

Edwina Phyfifer - Finance Manager

Camille Brown- Fundraising Coordinator

Dianne Brunson RN, CCM - Clinical Compliance


Carole Avery - TAP

Catherine Arms - TAP

Odell Tyus - TAP

Kewa Cole - TAP

Tracie Herndon - TAP

Matilda Phelan - SNP


Camille Jackson - Community Advisor

Deborah Ann Dunn - Administrative

Deidre Graham BSN, LSW

Minister Thomas Judkins, Ret. Army

Lori Fowler CRNP

David Graham CRNP

Rosalyn Wright - Business Advisor

Ann Graham - Administrative/IT

LaTresa Tyson - Admin. Support

Business Partners:


(Montgomery Area Council On Aging)


(Montgomery Area Food Bank)


(Central Alabama Aging Consortium)


 (Retired Seniors Volunteer Program)

Why "S.I.N.... no more"?


"Seniors In Need....No More

is the vision given to the founder, 

Cheryl Pettiway RN, CCM in 2007.  

During the 40+ years of working 

in various areas of healthcare, 

she was struck by the lack of

 assistance and support for our 

most vulnerable population. 

One painful yet, motivational memory

 is of a patient saying one of her

 biggest fears was to die alone and be dead for weeks before she is found!

Seeing the frequent, sometimes avoidable  frustrations and disappointments seniors experience impacted Cheryl, driving her to seek ways to help. 

There are many unmet needs when you are older, retired, on a fixed income, living alone, limited or no family support. 

Needs like: who to call to move heavy furniture, hang a shower rail, or build a ramp to help you leave the house. 

Needs like: unable to pay a copay for Physician Specialists, copays for medicines or equipment; 

Needs that occur from not understanding the directions or reason for the new medicines and you don’t know who you can ask. 

Needs like little to no social contact, wanting to hear a friendly voice, see a smiling face,  hoping for visit and a hug. 

No one should have to live with 

those needs or fears!

"Seniors In Need...NO MORE!" came from a desire to help eliminate those needs.... 

one person at a time. 

It took more than 10 years but now, Cheryl's vision has become a reality! 

You can be a part of it! 

It doesn't take much... a small sacrifice 

of time or money...or both. 

Our seniors are worth it!

What can you do to help 

"S.I.N....NO MORE"?

Call us...change a life today!

Rest In Peace, Lisa Ann Walker 11/26/57-7/31/19

Board Member, Vice President

Lisa's Legacy

Lisa was a one-of-a-kind human being. She was a dedicated, protective, loving person. She would never deny help to anyone who came to her. She frequently opened her home to someone who needed a temporary place to stay. 

In her professional life, Lisa retired in 1999, after 22 years of service with the United State Coast Guard. She was a former owner of a UPS store in Maryland as well as being a licensed Realtor. She was employed by the Veterans Center in Annapolis Maryland, positively impacting the lives of veterans as well as her co-workers. 

Lisa's priority in life was her family, closely followed by love for friends and her unwavering support for service members transitioning from military to civilian life. Her children, Justin and daughter, Regina were her pride and joy along with her 4 grandchildren. 

Lisa was a founding Board member for the Amazing Grace Health Ministries, Inc., serving as Vice President, until illness prevented her from carrying out her duties. She had significant impact in setting the foundation for the ministry. 

Lisa lived life to the fullest, her generosity, love and affection resulted in lifelong bonds with so many. Her adventurous spirit led her to experience all the world had to offer. She loved traveling to the Caribbean Islands and she NEVER turned down an invitation to Bingo or a late-night casino run! 

Lisa leaves many family and friends to celebrate her legacy of love. We at Amazing Grace will forever miss and remember her and the contributions she made creating this ministry. 

Celebrate your loved one

You can remember or honor a  loved one, friend, caregiver, colleague or someone else you love by making a donation to AGHM in their name. 

We will acknowledge your gift by posting a notice of thanks for you and your loved one. 

Your donation will help provide additional 

services to the seniors, disabled and poor in our communities.

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